It all started here..........

It all started here…….

This is me and my oldest son Jacob (Jake).

At 17 years old I was a mother to a gorgeous baby boy.

This isn’t what my parents wished for me, however it was what it was and I was determined to not let it define me nor my life in general.

From there to here, there were two more bouncing baby boys, Mackenzie and Liam, marriages, funerals, moving towns/cities, buying/selling houses, and finishing now three qualifications.

Now here I am, having just completed my third qualification, in personal training. I have two others, a Bachelor in Business majoring in Accounting (this took me 10 years to do part time!), and before that Naturopathic Diploma (done whilst a stay at home mum).

Whew it sounds a lot, and I guess it is, however after growing up with my kids, doing the best I can and wanting them to have good role models I now want to live my life with no regrets.

My dad was diagnosed with cancer last year, and this rocked our family to its core. It was a scary time; however this man defined how we all dealt with this.

His attitude and approach to healthy living is something he and my second mum and passionate about.

It was this, my step dad being diagnosed with a terminal brain tumour and me having to have a second surgery that gave me the shove I needed.

Why not do my PT qualification, I mean I’ve done some of this with my Naturopath Diploma in the past, I got side tracked in accounting. So I took the plunge, paid the money and began studying.

It was tough, it pushed me out of my comfort zone, but it has been and continues to be one of the best things I have ever done career wise.

I had my own trainer and mentor to thank for encouraging me to give it a shot and put a lot of his own time into helping me get to the end, so thank you Dan.

I took a risk and turned down a position in a gym to open my own studio to give people a relaxed, private place to train and enable me to be my own boss.

My passion of helping people, motivating them to be active, be healthy and achieve things they thought they could never do gives me the drive to get up and do it day after day.

My boys are now 26, 22 and 19. All have stable jobs, relationships, investments and even businesses; they now too along with my amazing clients drive me to be better, to do better and to make an impact in other’s lives.

It’s such an amazing ride and I have come full circle and am now here………..

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