Exciting changes!

It's been a while since my last post, but there has been a lot happening in studio (and outside of it!).

I have made a massive lifestyle change and left my corporate day job to focus fully on the studio and to be able to offer more flexibility for clients around session times and also introduce classes.

I won't lie and say it has been an easy change, but now I am a month in I am really loving the change.

It's enabled me to meet my clients needs more and be more flexible and adaptable.

Now to the classes, I am offering four different types of classes, all only 30 minutes long.

That's right, you only need a spare 30 minutes to get your session in!

How cool is that?

What you need to know:

* Maximum of 5 people per class

* I need a minimum of two people booked in for the class to go ahead so tell your friends and get them to come along too!

* Each class is only $15

* Passes are available too, so you can buy in bulk and save $$

* Class offerings include = Tone & Tighten, Booty Builder, Core Crusher and HIIT Blaster.

* Check out the below link to find out more and book & pay online:


Did you know I also have a referral programme?

If you refer a friend and they come along to a session then YOU get a free session - so get referring and let's spread the word.

Til next time.......

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