How 5 weeks changed my life forever

I recently spent 5 weeks in Vietnam travelling from North, Hanoi, to South, Ho Chi Minh City.

With so many places in between.

I'm no seasoned traveller however I have to say I have fallen in love with Vietnam.

It was whilst there, eating the local food, walking the streets, doing what they do I realised something.

Our Western lifestyle affords us many privileges and opportunites, travel being one of them. Vietnamese people cannot easily travel outside of Asia.

However our lifestyle here also contributes to most if not all of the health and lifestyle issues we face.

The stress we suffer due to the work we do, to enable us to pay the increased costs just to live is because the cost of living keeps rising. Everything is so expensive here.

In Vietnam, the way of life is a lot more slower paced, is it less stressful, maybe, but there is an overall air of positivity and happiness.

The food in Vietnam is fresh, simple and tasty.

No there aren't the wide and varied choices that we have here, finding oats over there was a mission as they are in effect a foreign food.

However look around and at at least 95% of Vietnamese people are not overweight.

Why is this?

1. They are a lot more active on a daily basis (less sedentary)

2. The meals they eat are smaller, less processed and include fresher ingredients

3. Food is purchased daily from markets, not by going to a big supermarket and purchasing packaged foods

4. They have strong beliefs and simple needs. A deep satisfaction and sense of peace.

5. They prioritise socialising, daily, often spending hours chatting to friends.

Can you say that you live a simple, low stress life?

Your needs are being met?

Your meals are fresh and simple?

So yes whilst by birth we have access to be able to earn more money to enable us to travel, and travel very easily, the choices we have in regards to foods, exercise, medication and the like also can be said to hinder us and contribute to our health issues at times.

What I want you to take away from this is to look at your life, are there areas you can simplify?

How can you reduce the stresses on a daily basis?

Food for thought............

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