Why "Challenges" don't work......

I'm sure you've seen the ads, you know the ones, the ones where there's a new "8 Week Challenge" or "Six Week Challenge" starting soon.

These often have big promises attached to them, seeming to offer fool proof path, some even offer meals so you don't really have to even prepare for yourself.

Or have you tried one of these challenges yourself?

How was it for you?

In the studio we don't offer challenges.


Because long term, they don't work.

Of course you can get results and quite quickly if you stick to the rigorous exercise regime and meals religiously because you are creating a calorie deficit and doing a lot of high intensity exercise.

But what happens when the challenge ends and your six or eight weeks are up?

Does the weight creep back on?

Do you go back to your bad habits?

Have you been educated on how to stay healthy long term? Did you learn what exercise works best for you personally?

Do you now know how to eat healthy and what foods work for you and your body?

In a lot of cases you probably haven't been educated on how to do this yourself.

These challenge providers rely on repeat business so you keep coming back to keep the status quo.

Research has shown that these challenges can set you up for failure as you move from challenge to challenge chasing down the "quick fix".

It is because you may not have been educated or learnt about yourself that you may find you revert back to your previous bad habits.

What these challenge type programmes do offer you though is a way to get a kick start.

How do you create long lasting change?

The simple answer - habits.

It takes an average of 66 days to create a new habit.

Any new regime you embark on you should allow at least 8-12 weeks to really start to see results.

Results come from consistency and making changes that are sustainable in your every day life.

Don't think of exercise as a "workout" i.e "work". Think of it as training.

You are choosing to train your body to do something regularly to ensure your future self is healthy for as long as possible.

Don't think of improving your eating as a "diet". Flip it around and think of it as "fuel".

How do you choose to fuel your body?

Is it with foods with low nutritional value? Or is it with foods that will fuel your body and give it the energy it needs?

By introducing small ways of reframing a commitment to health, you are ensuring you are creating better habits.

Better habits = results

Results = health

Unfortunately these habits take time, but its worth it.

When you can still get up off the floor with ease, or carry your own groceries you will appreciate the small changes and commitment you have made to your health.

In the studio we work with you, your ability and goals to ensure you create long term habits that are sustainable.

We also work with other providers to ensure you have access to all you need to succeed.

If you are ready to commit to your future healthy self then click here and book in for up to two free 30 minute one-on-one sessions to see if we are right for you.

We don't promise quick fixes, but you will achieve and get results if you are ready for change.

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