What nobody tells you about getting older......

In my photo above I have wrinkles, shock horror!

This is something we will all do - get older or age.

Some will say we start to do this from the day we are born, some will say once you are over 30 it's "all down hill from here".

You could buy into that type of thinking, or not. And more on that later.

There are so many changes that happen as you get older that noone really tells you about I mean have you ever had to say no to some activity because you just don't have the confidence in your body's ability to do it?

Now personally I'm no spring chicken myself, I've done a lot in my years, (and my years are 40+!) but you know what, I am grateful for each and every day, but there are definitely things I reckon we should get a heads up on.

Do you remember when you were a young child, or teenage and laying out in the sun? Sometimes even after slathering yourself with oil?

Yes a definite no no now, but in those days (the 80's) it was what I did, and my mother and most of her friends.

What I wish someone had told me then was:

1. Don't lie in the sun like that, ever!

2. Wear sun screen on your face - Every.Dam,Day of your life because once you get into your 40's that sun damage starts to make an appearance on your face, and sometimes in a big way.

I now have some lovely reasonable sized "age spots" which show just how much I have NOT used sunscreen on my face - yipee!

When you are in your 20's and 30's you take your body for granted, what it can do and how it can move.

You can run, play sport, change direction, jump with relative ease right.

Now, well I can still do everything I want to, but do you sometimes think...hmmm can I REALLY jump onto that box without smashing my leg or even worse my face?

Why doesn't someone tell us that as a child you are full of playfulness, have barely a care in the world and jump around, run and do everything so easily but beware, when you get older you will think if not three times definitely twice about challenging your son to a sprint for fear of:

1. Rupturing a muscle or tendon

2. Injuring yourself to such an extent you can't work - ACC for a bit

3. Actually falling over in public!

How is it we aren't told that you will get sore as you get older, any tiny little injury requires serious commitment to being able to heal and repair?

You just get achy more, and things just take longer to get better.

I sometimes seem to constantly tweak my lower back just from some minor (low impact!) exercise.

And to resolve this issue (hint its from sitting for 13 years in front of a computer!) I need a serious rehab programme to increase strength and mobility, even then it may not get to where I want it....sigh......

Oh and another one that is oh so awesome....did you know your digestion slows as you age?

Unfortunately we just can't eat as much as we used to and often not what we used to eat as our body is on the go slow and can't process it and so inflammation builds and you can get serious bloating, can't move weight and potentially other digestive issues.

If you've managed to read this far doesn't aging sound like a hoot?

Seriously though, as mentioned earlier, yes I am now 40+. Do I feel my age, sometimes yes, often no.

I am though grateful to reach this age, other's don't. 

By watching others, my studio clients, my family, I have realised that attitude is everything.

If you want to do something, go do it. No matter what others say or think.

Life is way too short to have regrets, you only get one go round so make it awesome!

Keep things in perspective and have fun, catch up with your bestie often, and most of all keep healthy!

You Can! Fitness Solutions was born out of a desire to guide others to protect their futures selves and gain strength and mobility that will serve you as you get older.

Its not all doom and gloom its 100% about your attitude and commitment to put some work in now to enable you to keep up with your kids, grandkids or partner.

Go on, get out there, laugh, have fun and Live Better

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