Is "No Pain No Gain" still applicable?

Now being in my 40's (yea I know right!) I was lucky enough to grow up in what I call the sweet spot when it comes to being active.

When daylight saving hit, we were outside, climbing the hedge, putting my little brother in a box and towing him behind the bike on the lawn until it was time to go to bed.

We had swimming lessons, went to athletics, spent lazy summer days at the river and so on.

When at school we had PE a few times per week, had swimming pools and had a noticeable lack of devices.

Seems ideal right?

Yes and no.

Yes, in the way we were a lot more active and this was just normal.

No, in the way that also going around was the "no pain, no gain" mentality and trying to conform to an image of Jane Fonda in leg warmers or similar when attending aerobics classes at the gym.

This no pain no gain saying is still around, and I'm sure you've heard it, either at the gym, or when trying to psych yourself into some sort of movement based activity or pushing yourself to do something (train for a half marathon for example).

Is this healthy? No I don't think so.

Should you hurt when moving? No.

You should always be trying to challenge yourself, and at times be a little uncomfortable, this means you are pushing yourself a little and will get results.

But you shouldn't do something until it hurts.


Well because as you get older, like it or not, you are more at risk of hurting yourself and injuries take a lot longer to heal.

Your mind is always willing to try something new, to push that little bit harder but sometimes your body says "uh no thanks!".

What do you do then?

Listen to your body.

If something is a lot harder today than it normally is, then drop back a bit or lower your intensity. And be kind to yourself as well.

Alternatively if you are finding something a bit easier today, then its a good day to push a wee bit harder and get your PB (personal best).

What is important to realise is that you don't need to be doing movements where you need to jump up and down, you don't need to do burpees, or squatting with a huge barbell laden with weights.

You don't even need massive pieces of equipment.

In the studio I work with clients who have knee, back, hip and shoulder issues.

We can get your heart rate up, and perform moves that help you gain strength all WITHOUT have to follow the "no pain, no gain" mentality.

I want you to Live Better for Longer. To do that we need to work with where you and your body are at.

This is why I use glute bands and exercise sliders a lot in the studio.

They are perfect tools that enable you to work many areas of your body with one or two small portable pieces of equipment.

Even better I now have my own, branded, super cute and highly portable and affordable.

My mission with my clients, and it happens, is for them to get results, achieve or surpass their goals in an environment which is focussed on them.

Its not intimidating, its not flashy and loud, and its somewhere they can feel comfortable and taken care of.

I provide the tools and skills for them to do just that and we don't say "no pain no gain".

If you want to know more or join us check us out here , I have a few spaces left and would love to have you join us.

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