P. S - It's NEVER too late!

Come with me and lets chat for a moment.

Let's talk age.

Let's talk pastures.

Firstly, and you may want to sit down for this one and prepare yourself, its NEVER too late.

Yup, you heard me.

Its NEVER too late to do the job, the hobby, the trip, the activity, the course or whatever it is deep inside you that wants to be done.

Yet you are using your age or stage as an excuse to keep it within.

What if you were 16 or 26 or 36 would it make it more acceptable?

Would you do it then?

Why not now?

Just because you are in your 30's, 40's, 50's or 60's doesn't mean its too late for ANYTHING!

Who said you only had set times/ages to do things?

Who said "well you're 47 now you can't do that".

What the actual fu*k!

I'll tell you who said that - you did!

No-one else has said to you "you can't".

Your sneaky brain has decided what's acceptable to do and when.

Its put a ceiling on what you think is possible and appropriate.

You've let society, others opinions, fear of being judged, fear of what others may say stop you from living your life.

When did that become a thing?

Haven't you done that for most of your life already?

Aren't you ready to do all the things, set your soul free and have more fun?

I can tell you are, otherwise you wouldn't be in my world.

It's hard I get it, you've been the good girl for like EVER.

You've wanted to make your parents, partner and kids proud of you.

Its important to you.

What if you decided to make YOU proud of YOU?

How would that feel?

Would that excite you? Get you off the couch a bit more?

Get you out having more adventures?

I promise you it would, 100% it would.

It's not something that comes easy to you, living life from flow & spontaneity rather than organisation and scheduled.

But what if you just decided.

What if you decided that once a month you were going to do something fun?

You were going to break all your own "rules" and live a little more, you were going to let the REAL you out of her box.

Does that scare you?


Learning to live your life from soul/intuition/gut/source whatever it is for you, not only makes life flow it actually extends your life by up to EIGHT years!

Yes EIGHT years!

It's not time for you to be put out into pasture, it never is, until you decide you've given up and that you're done.

Age is a barrier only if you decide it is, body shape is only a barrier if you decide it is, your situation is only a barrier if you decide it i.

Its always up to you.

No-one else is steering your boat called life.

No-one else is dictating what's appropriate for you

No-one else has said because you are 47 you can't start that biz, change jobs, travel more or start that hobby.

Its always, always up to you.

You choose.

You decide where you steer your boat in this sea of life.

I guess the question is will you?



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