Why your mindset is keeping you stuck!

Happy New Year to you!!

Did you sit down and set goals or make resolutions for yourself and what you want to achieve this year?

Or are you a “wing it” sort of person and see how it turns out?

Did you know that 70% of peoples New Year Resolutions revolve around Health & Fitness?

And that just 8% of those people will succeed at their goals.

Just 8%!!

Now you are wondering why.

It's actually quite simple.

Because of how we feel.

Often when we set goals we don’t actually believe we can achieve them

Our brain is trying to keep us safe, keep us doing the same thing, it tries to stop us from changing.

It’s quite sneaky like that.

And of our thousands and thousands of thoughts we have each day most of them are negative.


These negative thoughts are you, choosing to read your old story.

Choosing to believe you aren’t worthy, you aren’t good enough, that you won’t achieve.

You are choosing to get stuck in the depths of that good old book.

When the reality is it’s time to put that book back on the shelf and choose something new.

Have you:

  • Tried to lose weight?

  • Tried to stick to a plan?

  • Joined a fitness “challenge”

  • Downloaded a fitness app?

If you have tried any of these how successful were you?

Did you see change?

If not it’s time for a shake up.

Let’s get that brain reading a new story.

Put that old book back on the shelf, and choose a new one.

When you really own your goal, when you really know that you can do it, when you can see yourself there you will 100% achieve it.

Seems too simple?

It actually is.

Your mindset, how you think, how you talk to yourself is what is keeping you stuck where you are.

Nothing or no one else.

It's always YOU vs YOU

If you know that this is you, then reach out, I have an AMAZING course starting soon and we will cover all of this and MORE!!

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