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Basketball Scoreboard Standard V2 Password ezawylm




The game supports just one active player. A spectator mode is supported to watch the game. Interact with the characters on the screen and display their statistics during a basketball game. Any kind of support or modification is allowed. The game supports multi-platform and multi-language builds. Included are the following features. Multi-player mode is supported. Using your system's multi-media card reader, a team can play basketball against a computer team or two teams can play against each other. Score can be stored in a separate file and all saved files can be loaded when re-running the game. The file also records the season statistics and awards. A player can click on a character and he will be shown his statistics. You can change from a character to an opponent's team. Statistics will be displayed in the right of the screen. The player can view a more detailed statistics for the team or an individual player. A player can choose to block the shot or to try to steal the ball from his opponent. In this mode, the player can press a certain key to execute the play. The camera will change to allow the team members to act on screen. The game has a map editor for the game. All of the scoreboard elements, and objects on the screen are editable with a mouse. See the manual on how to use the map editor. Game Controls A character has three attributes. Stamina (Fluency) which is used for dribbling, jumping, and passing. Defense (Strength) and Speed (Elasticity). When the character has 100 stamina and 100 defense, the player can call him a "star". The game has two modes. Options are the main menu and the game. Menu mode allows the player to change the difficulty level and load saved scores. Options are as follows. Difficulty level: Easy, Medium, Hard Save file: The players last saved game. You can choose to play the game as soon as it is loaded or to wait until you start the game again. Game play: Allows the player to choose any mode he wants to play. Restart: The computer will select a different team for the game. The players do not have any carryover from previous games. The game uses event driven programming. That means, the program will run through the events and react to any event. The game has three major events. Event is the highlight of the game. The game




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Basketball Scoreboard Standard V2 Password ezawylm
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